The FinTech news that caught my eye this week

Good hire! HSBC hires Diana Biggs to lead business model innovation

And another one…Banco Santander appoints Lindsey Argalas as Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

What absolute twaddle…We have Apple to thank for a decade of FinTech revolution, City A.M.

Twenty Thirty launches $50m Pillar ICO to “reclaim digital lives”

FinTech stat of the week. 38% of the adult UK population used a banking app in 2016

UK falls behind Israel and US for early-adoption of FinTech and still largely a cash-based society

Cash ‘lives on’ after 50 years of ATMs. Fidor Bank said this week: “With the ATM turning 50, it’s time we accepted a new reality that cash has reached its final days” Final days? Please…

FinTech poised to be embraced by the mainstream, EY. “It really is now a critical time for traditional financial services companies. If they haven’t already, they need to urgently reassess their business models to ensure they learn how to meet their customers’ rapidly changing needs. Disruption is no longer just a risk – it is an undisputable reality.”

Yikes! Apple forces Westpac to pull messaging payment app

And because we all love FinTech listicles, CB Insights reveals the FinTech 250 List

And from the retail technology world…

Donald Trump, annoyed that Jeff Bezos is far more successful than him, threatens Amazon with an ‘internet tax‘. Amazon be all like, yep, you got us there, Mr President. We don’t pay an internet tax. But do get back to us when it becomes an actual thing.

About me: Freelance journalist specialising in FinTech, banking technology and retail technology. Former Editor of FStech, Retail Systems and IBS Journal. Further info here.

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